Think Well

Think WellOur thoughts and internal dialogue have a profound affect on our health

As humans we can consciously choose to react to environmental stimuli and thus control our stress levels.  Therefore our choice of thoughts and our mental attitudes significantly influence our state of physiology!

Our reaction to our environment is personal and individual. 

We can program our beliefs to be positive and optimistic rather than negative or pessimistic.

The key to personal change, creating health and happiness, is to understand that our  internal dialogue is a choice and represents our interpretation of our environment.

Positive empowering thoughts and attitude reduce stress and increase health.

Negative or anxious thoughts and attitude initiate the stress response and drive us toward stress reducing health.

Importantly, whatever psychoneurophysiological pathways we repeatedly fire, positive or negative, become sensitised.

Subluxation, sedentary living and negative thinking elicit virtually the same physiological effects i.e stress/adaptive physiology which reduces health and promotes illness!

Chiropractic adjustments, regular exercise and positive thinking elicit virtually the same physiological effects i.e homeostatic physiology which increases health!

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