Eat Well

Eat WellYou are what you eat!
Everything you eat and drink is used to grow and maintain the cells that make up your body. The quality of the food and drink you consume determines the health of your cells. Eating natural whole foods (sufficiency and purity) will give your cells the nutrients they need to be healthy. Eating poor quality foods (insufficiency and toxicity) has the opposite effect! Below are some useful tips:

Eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can, they are great raw or lightly steamed to retain the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients they contain. Try to eat less processed carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cakes and sweets etc. and replace these with nuts, seeds and more fruit and vegetables.

Eat the best quality meat, fish and eggs you can get. Free range/freshly caught produce is the best. A great source is local game such as pheasant, venison, pigeon and rabbit, all readily available from your local butcher, much healthier and generally cheaper than super-market meat.

Limit the amount of processed food you eat (avoid it totally is best). This is easier said than done I admit, and takes some time and thought when shopping, but it’s worth it. Processed foods generally contain chemicals (colours, preservatives and processed fats, oils and sugars) which are not natural for us to consume or metabolise and they certainly are not food! Look at the list of ingredients on packaging, rather than the number of calories, it can be quite an eye opener! Usually the longer the list of ingredients the more additives the product contains.

Eat and cook with natural unprocessed oils such as organic butter and olive oil and avoid processed and hydrogenated oils.

Take a good quality fish oil supplement to ensure you get sufficient amounts of essential fatty acids (omega-3 oils). As the name suggests they are essential for good health and our diets are generally deficient in this respect.

Enjoy your food and remember to give your body what it needs (sufficiency and purity) and limit or avoid what it doesn’t (insufficiency and toxicity).

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